The ears are very sensitive parts of the body and they require special care in order to prevent different issues. It is important that you prevent infections of the ear in order not to lose the hearing. Cleaning the ears is one of the most important things you need to do regularly.

The earwax is actually positive because it acts as lubricant and protects the ear, but on the other hand it could cause serious problems if not removed. Here is what could happen:

– Lose hearing
– Irritated ears
– constant feeling of dizziness
– Feeling uncomfortable
– Constant itching

Some of the reasons why people might have more earwax are due to the incorrect usage of Q-tips and incorrect cleaning of the ear. You should always clean the inside, but not only the surface. Also you should avoid using earplugs or earphones.

Here is how to clean the ears:

You will need to use the Q-tips on daily basis but don’t press too strong because you might damage and block the canal. Also you could use some other natural remedies for cleaning the ears:

  • Saline

You should mix 1 teaspoon of salt and ½ a cup of water. Mix it well and soak cotton ball in it. Press the cotton ball in order to release few drops in the ear. Repeat the same with both ears and let it stay.

  • Paraffin oil

You will need to heat 3 tablespoons of paraffin oil by using a flame of candle. You will need to put 5 drops directly in the ear canal and leave it for a while.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

You should mix equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and water. Pour few drops of this mixture in the ear canal and shake the head in order to let the solution go deeper in the ear. Repeat the same method for both ears.

  • Glycerin

You can buy it from a pharmacy and put several drops in the ears. Position your head horizontally in order to allow the glycerin to enter the ear canal. Repeat this process three times per day.

  • Alcohol and vinegar mixture

You will need to mix these ingredients and soak a cotton ball in it. Put the ball in the ears in order to clean them and drain the excess.

  • Olive oil

You should add two drops of olive oil in the ear before you go to bed. You should put only in one ear in order to sleep on the opposite side, and the next night you do the same with the other ear. Repeat this process for 5 nights in a row.

These methods will definitely help you clean your ears and prevent infections. Make sure that you use the recommended doses.

Source: staynaturallyhealthy

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