Cholesterol is type of fat found in the body and in certain foods. You need to know that it represents a crucial substance in the blood and in every cell of the body, which the body uses it to make hormones and vitamin D. In fact, it is one of the building blocks of the cell membranes. However, larger amounts of cholesterol in the body can cause damage, and that condition is known as Hypercholesterolemia.

Moreover, its excessive levels in the blood can elevate the risk of developing a heart disease and experiencing a stroke thanks to the plaque accumulation on the arterial walls. These plaques are responsible for narrowing the arteries and reducing the blood flow. So, if a blood clot forms and blocks the artery to the heart, a heart attack occurs. On the other hand, if an embolism blocks an artery to or in the brain, a stroke occurs.

There is an interesting fact that people in Asia, specifically the Chinese, suffer less from strokes and heart diseases than the people in America where these are the most common conditions. Namely, the Chinese people have a natural way of reducing the cholesterol in the blood, and in that way improving the cardiovascular system.

In order to avoid the risk of having a heart attack and a stroke you need to incorporate a proper diet low in salt and fat. Likewise, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising and avoiding bad habits like consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

In this article we shall present you an ancient Chinese recipe, which will help you in lowering cholesterol thus protecting you form a heart attack and a stroke.

Required Ingredients:

  • 3 lemons (organic)
  • 36 cloves of garlic
  • 4 cups of water

Method of preparation:
Start with peeling the garlic cloves and then cut them into large pieces. After that, you need to clean the lemons and soak them in water with some baking soda for around 1 hour. Then, cut the lemons in little pieces. After you have finished with the lemons, boil the water and put the garlic and the lemon pieces in it. Let it simmer for around 15 minutes. Next, store the mixture in the refrigerator for the entire night. In the morning, strain it and you will have a ready drink for consumption.

Use: Drink ¼ cup of the solution 3 times a day prior meals.

Source: healthncure , staynaturallyhealthy

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