“The World needs to Know, That Alkaline Water Kills Cancer” said a retired Chief of a Pharmacy

Various illnesses in the world need a proper treatment. Many treatments which are so effective are kept as secret by doctors and pharmaceutical companies, to take care of their business.

Today we present you the benefits you can get by consuming alkaline water, a very effective way to reduce free radicals in the body and prevent a series of invasive diseases such as cancer.

A retired pharmacist, shared many secrets that he learned in his area of work, which are hidden from the general public knowledge.

He showed us the best way to use alkaline water, how to prepare it and why. Being informed about this, we want to share this with you.

Benefits of alkaline water in the body:

One of the most potent antioxidants, which purifies the body of toxins is Alkaline water. It can strengthen the immune system and eliminate acids with a proper consumption.

These acids usually produce some adverse effects in the body such as poor digestion, fatigue, weight gain and increased presence of diseases.

These effects can be avoided with the help of alkaline water and eating vegetables which can balance the acid and alkaline levels of the system. Our level of alkalinity is defined by the things that we consume and those determine the level of pH in the body.

Dr. Otto Warburg who was a Nobel Prize winner, was determined that at least 95% of the known cancers have been developed in acidic environments.

Results showed that cancer can not progress in an organism with an alkaline system at a pH level equal or greater than to 7.36.

In this way, it relates the acidity with this disease and some other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis among others…

Knowing all this information, we want to help you with a recipe that will strengthen the alkaline value in your body very quickly and naturally.


-A lemon

-Half medium cucumber

-A quarter of whole ginger root

-Half a cup of fresh mint leaves


First you must wash and cut each of the ingredients, make sure to peel the ginger before.

Add them to a small jug of water and let them stay overnight. The next morning, proceed to strain and drink the glass on an empty stomach. Drink the rest of the beverage throughout the day.

This effective medicine has properties that will not fail you. Remember to share it with your acquaintances through social networks.

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